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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 10, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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president's heart. >> bob rowoodruff reporting. >> thanks for watching. see you here tomorrow. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, a weekend of protests in washington. no end in sight to the demonstrations. good morning, washington. it's monday, october 10. i am cynne simpson. >> i am greta kreuz. traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. start with meteorologist adam caskey. feels great outside. time if we did not have single cloud in the sky at national before this recognize whether was about a ago, 11 months ago in
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november 2010. been a pretty good of weather. today will be sunny with high, clouds. 58 in the district, 50 in martinsburg, 57 at quantico. 80 degrees this afternoon. the average high is 70. increasing clouds tomorrow if of late-dayt chance far side of the metro area. be will late in the evening and into the nighttime tomorrow south of the metro could get a brief shower. otherwise, craning on wednesday, widespread with possibly heavy wednesday into thursday a little rain possible. by wednesday. 123 andbound 66 between beltway, lingering road or should be gone soon. they have done working on both of the beltway between
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university and colesville road. 270 edsall road, looks good. americanms across the legion bridge. looks good on the beltway near branch avenue. will take you to the beltway new hampshire ave. traffic pass to stay to the both directions between 270. and back to you. >> thank you. our top story this morning, protesters in washington this weekend are still out this morning. >> the occupy wall street spreadt continues to .espite confusion about permits demonstrators were originally told to wrap things up last night. they say the permit is not technically expire until later .oday, at the white house there was a allegedly arrested for
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shoe at an officer. >> i have a 1-year-old grandbaby -- i am the chains the country and we over to her. things are not working in our or with the economy. if we will get a live update status of the protesters. the protests continued in new york where it all started three weeks ago. the moment has spread to about u.s.ities in the we are seeing demonstrations across the globe as well. protests have taken place on continent accept antarctica. several politicians are the protest.n cantor says that people are about jobs occupy wall street and other cities in the u.s. >> believe it or not, some in this town have actually
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ofe pitting against americans. >> i did not hear him when the party members or spitting on of congress. ,'s accused eric cantor and republicans of putting windows at the capitol and encouraging the behavior of the tea party. -- nancy pelosi accused eric cantor. at least 24 people died yesterday in cairo, egypt after tax.rch and many christians are angry with as a weaksee from the country's military council. a medical examiner's report to be released economy in what police are calling a murder-suicide. on saturday the bodies of a man and woman were found inside westbard avenue in
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bethesda. o'toole and artin u, livesacy v silver spring. >> one-party left a note behind. >> not much is known about , but the woman of a d.c. area . couple attended church together last week. it has been here since fromarists went missing our apartment on hartford's street in southeast. yesterday friends outside the apartment building for provincial. mother valencia says she until she finds her daughter. they plan to hold a monthly bring attention to our daughter's disappearance. metro stations remain closed for a major track or.
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aw, u street, and columbia heights, green and yellow lines are closed. are cells. resume tomorrow morning. -- there are shuttle buses. apple's latest smartphone is a big hit. is gearing up and for phone -- for s new phone. >> french and german leaders gave themselves three weeks to recapitalize the region's banks, investors see this as moving eeceep closer to getting gr the right track. at&t has received 200,000 preorders for the iphone 4s. they are calling it the most
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successful iphone whatever. already lining up can apple store near bloomberg. microsoft's windows phone does want to miss out on the party. to pushsee incentives with this windows 7.5 on sale in the coming weeks. the release of the last version flop. gas prices on the way down, but --lt care costs of a wake-up are on the way up. more on that later. linda bell reporting. back to you. >> thank you. 57 degrees. >> still to come, it was a food in downtown d.c. and and eating contests you have to see to believe. paul mccartney has died and
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.ot for the third time another perfect day to spend outside. another perfect day to spend outside. all good
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gainesville, a 57 in the 56 inct and no cost, springfield with calm wind. is is one of the exceptions. 52 at college park. same today, sunshine high, thin clouds. high temperatures near 80 degrees this afternoon. increasing cloud cover tomorrow day, slighthe showers south-day of the metro. chance of widespread rain on wednesday. wednesday looks like an old- fashioned rainy day. we could get more than interest throughout the day on wednesday few showers on thursday. a live picture of traffic moving slowly. two right lanes getting by the between new hampshire avenue and colesville road. us onc getting away from newt'ser loop boulevard, over.uction
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66 eastbound between 123 am the beltway,the clearing overnight construction. bring your appetite. a tasty way to spend the .eekend >>
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the checking our top stories morning, occupy wall street protests continue today. from new york to washington. protesters are taking a stand against greed in corporate america. the medical examiner's report whatbe released today on are calling a murder- suicide. saturday the bodies of a man a woman were found inside an westbard avenue in bethesda. 8-year-old martin o'toole and -- 35-cyphilippin old tracy vu. a firefighter died and as he was about the miler.0- he was running to help earn money for burn victims. the republican presidential
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will debate tomorrow college, days after controversial comments that a supporter made about faith.patd hosis the pastor called me one and the mormon religion a cult. there's a bill in the that faces a tough road .n the house a 10-month-old girl from her home in kansas city missouri and nearly ago.k >> if police are casting more on production claims from the parents after they failed a test.aph rebecca cooper has the latest on investigation.
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>> detectives were at the house recreate tower tonapper may have got inside from the crib. getting in did not look easy. this is the same window jeremy irwin said was found tapered with in the middle denied on tuesday and when he and escalon his fiancee discover the a little lisa irwin missing. knowing that a stranger and abductions are very rare, are suspicious of the parents. debra said if she was told she polygraph test. she and jeremy said they needed a break from nonstop questioning. working withn police and fbi. family and volunteers are still word, to spread the advantage of cars at a nascar race to hand out fliers. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. new details of the
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into leaks fight -- bleach fight. this woman attacked another because of a victim's boyfriend is the father a %'s child. created a toxics situation. 19 people went to the hospital, suffered serious injuries. learning new details about knox of your years amanda spent in prison. harassed by aly high-ranking prison administrator. the harassment allegedly stopped after returning complaint. she was also harassed by female inmates. today is the final day of d.c.he taste of >> if you were not there yesterday, you did miss the eating -- chili-eating
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contest. two gallons in six minutes. the taste of d.c. will go on from 10:00 this morning until 6:00 tonight. food from dozens restaurants. look at him go. instead of consuming calories, a lot of people were burning them. 30,000 innocent parts in the army 10-miler yesterday. ended inbegan and but part of the crowd went through downtown washington. will benefitfees soldier and soldier family programs. columbus day. wreath laying ceremony at 11:00 morning at the christopher statue in front of union station. federal level will be closed in d.c. there will be no track collection -- trash collection
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today. inyou want to put money don't askters, you you. >> it's a good day to get outside. yesterday on the mall it was fabulous, just gorgeous. >> we have had a couple days no clouds in the sky, which is hard to do the last time we did this was almost a year ago, since we had a crystal clear skies. >> i lovett. -- love it. >> more of the same today. you can see a few clouds moving overhead on the satellite and radar. this is just clouds. overall, a sunny day. there will be more sunshine than cloud cover today. pressuren area of low over florida and high-pressure here.d in place
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the high pressure will shift and .howers will develop the showers will move northward line. mid-atlantic coast the increasing clouds tomorrow and a very good chance of rain as we go into wednesday in particular, even late tomorrow see a few showers south of the metro. 58 gary knell in the district, winchester, 50 in martinsburg, kiddie pool the dulles record, 60 in annapolis along the water. 46 in frederick. open the windows today. this afternoon with a few clouds. anywhere from 76-81 later on today. increasing clouds tomorrow could a slight chance of late- showers south of the metro much the better chance throughoutad rains entire region on wednesday, talking over an inch of rain in
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some locations, and even a few possible into and thursday. weekend, a 60's on saturday. overnightng up construction. a quieter commute than average. nicely rightving now. mostly green arrows around sound. between6, 66 eastbound beltway,e out of then moved way. the interstate 70 in quiet between hagerstown and baltimore. nowhere is in and out of .- no worries at university boulevard, construction has been moved away. we are clear. back to you. >> thank you. 56 degrees. cracks coming up next, all you
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a few weeks. a former beatle has a new bride. mccartney got married yesterday in london. the 69-year-old and married a american heiress at city hall. got engaged earlier this year. you. want to thank >> congratulations. >> under the people turned out including ceremony, mate ringgoldd star and barbara walters of abc. this is his third marriage. >> he was driving his own car. at his own wedding? my goodness. >> we are pinching pennies these days. driver?d money on a >> i love that. four-o'clocks 56 right now. 57 degrees. -- 4:5
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wall street protests go global. and a man and a woman found inside a montgomery county home. answers.e looking for >> taking a bite out of a d.c. landmark. atd morning washington


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